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As the leading strata management NSW provider, Ace Body Corporate Management has been in the service of owners corporation since 1995 – with 25+ years of legal common property management experience, 65,000+ lots maintained and over $30 billion financial assets managed. 

New South Wales (NSW) accommodates a wide range of popular bustling cities, commercial enterprises and suburban residential properties. For information and advice for both commercial and residential building owners, you can refer to the NSW Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, also referred to as the SSMA.

With the state capital, Sydney, recognised as Australia's busiest and most populated city, more than a quarter of NSW's residents are known to live in, own or manage strata. Therefore, Sydney has been forecast for continued, steady growth in the strata property sector, making a high quality and effective strata scheme invaluable for any enterprise.

If you are looking for assistance to apply for a legal title for your property, whether residential, commercial, or body corporate NSW wide, or if you need specially tailored NSW strata support, Ace Body Corporate is here to help. Ace and its team of devoted managers are widely known to be the best in the sector.

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