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Please click on each body corporate QLD branch below to view contact details. Please note these main branches also serve the closest neighbouring suburbs and should be locally contacted as appropriate.  If you are a new customer please request a quote.
As the leading strata management QLD provider, Ace has been in the service of owners corporation since 1995 – with 25+ years of legal common property management experience, 65,000+ lots maintained and over $30 billion financial assets managed. 

Queensland (QLD) is the second largest and third most highly populated Australian state. The state’s economy is hugely diverse and spans agriculture, transportation, insurance, banking, and with tourism also a crucial part of this popular “Sunshine State”. 

In fact, Queensland has more than 48,000 strata properties on title representing over 500,000 units. Furthermore, with growing demand for housing from an expanding population and booming rate of tourism, the state is forecast to continue growing and expanding in the specialist strata sector. For expert advice pertaining to commercial and residential business owners in Queensland, you can refer to the Body Corporate and Community Management Regulations 2008.

It is important to note that Queensland body corporate terminology may differ from other states. Body Corporate Managers are required to manage the common property of the Community Titles Scheme with the help of a Committee. 

The Ace team have been members of the state strata institutes around Australia and a member of Strata Community Association (Qld) since 2004. It is a compulsory requirement for all local Ace QLD body corporate managers to achieve and complete a fully certified accreditation post nominal, Certified Practicing Strata Manager (CPSM).

If you are looking for tailored advice in applying for a legal title for your property, be it residential, commercial, or body corporate QLD wide, and if you need specialist strata services not listed here, Ace Body Corp is here to help. Ace and its team of highly experienced and devoted managers are always on hand and are trusted by long-term business clients nationwide.

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