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As the leading strata WA provider, Ace has been in the service of owners corporation since 1995 – with 25+ years of legal common property management experience, 65,000+ lots maintained and over $30 billion financial assets managed. For expert advice around strata schemes of all varieties, we are the ones to speak to. 

Western Australia (WA) is Australia's largest state and is known as Australia's 'Real Thing' state, offering a wide variety of terrain and well known for its mining industry and tourism. Impressively, the state also produces 46 per cent of Australia's total exports.

Would you like some WA strata insight? The state has more than 55,000 strata properties on title representing well over 280,000 units. The state capital, Perth, is Australia's most lucrative capital city due its western front location and trading portal for the mining industry. For expert advice pertaining to commercial and residential business owners in W. Australia, you would need to refer to the Strata Titles Act 1985, Interpretation Act 1984, State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004, and Strata Titles General Regulations 1996, though we can assist.  

The dispute resolution body in WA is the State Administrative Tribunal and Magistrate's Court. Your strata management services can assist you with this. 

Remember, WA body corporate terminology may differ from other states. Strata Managers maintain the common property of the Strata Scheme with the help of a Council. When buying and selling property, the vendor disclosure document for the Body Corporate is the Section 43 Certificate and Forms 28 & 29. 

Ace has been a member of the state strata institute, Strata Community Australia (WA), since 2004. Membership with SCA (WA) is compulsory for all ACE WA body corporate managers. 

If you are looking for strata manager advice in applying for a legal title for your property, be it residential, commercial, or body corporate WA wide, and if you need tailored strata services not listed, Ace Body Corp is here to help. Ace and its management services team of experienced and devoted staff are always on hand and are trusted by long-term business clients nationwide. Contact us to find out more about our top rated strata management company services. We hold greater knowledge, experience and customer care than other strata companies. 

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