Nunawading Strata Management

Ace Body Corp. / VIC / Nunawading

  • Gina Lay
PO Box 146 Nunawading VIC 3131
Ph: 0433 045 067
Mob: 03 8786 7569

Gina Lay is the Owners Corporation Manager of Ace Body Corporate Management (Nunawading).

Gina is a qualified accountant and is able to apply this knowledge and business experience on a daily basis as an Owners Corporation manager. Gina has a strong working understanding of financial management and tax regulations to ensure thorough record keeping is maintained.

Gina has developed exceptional customer service after working in a family hospitality business and displays a welcoming attitude, advanced attention to detail and effective communication to provide assistance and support.

Gina is passionate about the growing strata sector and enjoys the vast array of interactions with owners, trade contractors and property developers.

Gina has advanced communication skills and can also speak multiple Asian languages, including Hakka (Chinese Dialect), Japanese and basic Mandarin.

Blackburn, Nunawading, Mitcham, Forest Hill, Burwood, Vermont, Blackburn South