Melton Strata Management

Ace Body Corp. / VIC / Melton

  • Rita Menezes
  • Oliver Menezes
PO Box 190 Melton VIC 3337
Ph: 0403 009 220

Rita Menezes and Oliver Menezes are the Owners Corporation Managers of Ace Body Corporate Management (Melton).

Oliver Menezes

Oliver has over 20 years management and customer service experience in the Office Automation, Automotive and Chemical Engineering industry. 

Oliver has a wealth of experience prior to strata management, having worked with one of the leading Automotive Engineering Companies as a Service Manager for over six years. He has also worked in various service management roles with leading Office Automation, Automotive and Chemical Engineering Companies.

Oliver provides all of his Owners Corporation members with professional personal service and helpful advice about their strata property. His experience has given him a good understanding of client service to use in strata management.

Oliver has a keen interest in property, owning investment properties and is dedicated to ensure the best outcome for the management of your Owners Corporation.

Rita Menezes

Rita has exceptional customer service skills having worked as Account Manager for over 15 years for one of the leading Financial Institutions in Australia. Her qualifications include Certificates II & III in Business Administration and RG146. Her strong interpersonal skills and commitment to deliver a very high quality of service in a rapid, ever changing industry has made her successful in a highly competitive environment.

Rita is a very active member of her church community and is passionate about interests outside her professional life like volunteer work, gardening, reading, music, dancing and cooking.


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