Hawthorn Strata Management

Ace Body Corp. / VIC / Hawthorn

  • Fred Taghi
  • Meredith Taghi
PO Box 765 Camberwell South Vic 3124
Ph: 9001 5896
Fax: 9882 1629

Fred Taghi and Meredith Taghi are the Owners Corporation Managers of Ace Body Corporate Management (Hawthorn), and are members of Strata Community Australia (SCA) Victoria.

Meredith has had 7 years experience working in a Japanese trading company importing and exporting and was in charge of in excess of $40 million sales turnover per annum. She gained a lot of experience dealing with clients, negotiations, meetings/conferences as well as a sales representative. For anything her clients require she will always have a positive attitude and caring manner.

Her hobbies include languages of which she has studied Japanese, Indonesian and French and she also enjoys traveling and her family.

Fred previously operated his own Japanese restaurant and had been in the hospitality industry for close to 20 years. Fred lived in Japan for 9 years and studied there and is very professional in dealing with clients and his employees. He is very proud of his achievement as a restauranteur and is very well known in the industry especially by politicians, actors, lawyers and the Japanese Consulate. His hobbies include cooking, travelling and family.

Hawthorn, Hawthorn East