Mornington Strata Management

Ace Body Corp. / VIC / Mornington

  • Victor Fauvel
  • Christine Fauvel

Victor Fauvel and Christine Fauvel are the Owners Corporation Managers of Ace Body Corporate Management (Mornington), and are members of Strata Community Australia (SCA) Victoria.

Christine and Vic have been involved in the strata community industry for 10 years and have a comprehensive understanding of the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and its practical function working closely with owners, committees and developers.  

Christine’s previous business experience was in the legal and finance industry and she is able to apply this knowledge on a daily basis as an Owners Corporation manager.

Vic owned and operated a successful printing business before creating an advertising and marketing business with Christine. The pair worked extremely effectively together and were able to combine their varied skills in order to achieve success for their clients.

Christine and Vic pride themselves on effective communication between owners, listening intently to their needs and then implementing this knowledge. Christine and Vic believe an effective manager must have a strong sense of humility and utilise the varied strengths and talents of committee members and owners to reach practical outcomes. 

Christine and Vic are passionate about the strata sector and enjoy the vast array of people they deal with on a daily basis including developers, owners and trade contractors. 

Suburbs serviced by this owners corporation

Mt Eliza, Mornington, Safety Beach, Moorooduc