East Melbourne Strata Management

Ace Body Corp. / VICTORIA / East Melbourne

  • Brenda Krowitz
  • Larry Krowitz
PO Box 4144 McKinnon Victoria 3204
Ph: (03) 9686 5522
Fax: (03) 9686 5588

Brenda Krowitz and Larry Krowitz are the Owners Corporation Managers of Ace Body Corporate Management (East Melbourne ), and are members of Strata Community Australia (SCA) Victoria.

Brenda Krowitz is a qualified lawyer in both South Africa and in Australia and has a Full Practicing Certificate from the Law Institute of Victoria. Her legal background is in Property Law and she has been involved in the area of Body Corporate most of her life. She has always managed her own investment property as well as assisting her family in managing commercial properties. She has the ability to proficiently manage a number of projects and clients at one time and has a capacity for prudent financial management.

Brenda ran her own successful Property law practice in South Africa for 18 years and has always strived for service excellence, ‘going the extra mile” and having a ‘no complaints‘ record throughout her career. She is experienced in business and people management, having kept most of her staff for the period that she was in legal practice. She is a dynamic problem solver, solutions focused, adaptable and resilient and will persevere no matter how hard a task is, or how long it might take.
Brenda has created opportunities to meet new people in Australia and has integrated well into the Australian culture. She believes it is important to mix with people from all different backgrounds and industries as a type of synergy.

Brenda enjoys socialising, spending time with her family, gardening and reading.

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